Finally: The Perfect Life-Saving Roadside Emergency Device Has Arrived

This emergency safety “signal” can keep you and your family safe if you ever find yourself stuck on the side of the highway.

Roughly 8.1 million roadside assistance calls are made every year during the holiday season¹….

With that number in mind, the last place you and your family want to be during the holidays is stuck on the side of the highway with cars whizzing by…

Unfortunately, most drivers have had (or will have) at least one instance where they have needed roadside assistance.

Statistically speaking, if a car is over 10 years old, it is TWICE as likely to break down and 4x as likely to have the need to be towed.²

So the question is - Do you have everything you need to keep your family safe while on your road trip this holiday season?

Luckily, 1TAC has created the perfect roadside assistance device in the event that you ever need to ensure your family’s safety while on the side of the road.

Now introducing the new Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC.

Attention: With the current global pandemic and quickly approaching holidays in mind, more and more people are buying online...

This means as we get even closer to the holidays, it’s going to put even more of a strain on the The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC supply and delivery times.

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What Is It?

The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC  is a compact and durable emergency roadside LED light with 9 different flashing modes, a lamp life of over 1,000 hours, and a magnetic base.

The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC is so bright that it can be seen over 5,000 ft away to let other drivers know you are there and to drive cautiously.

What Does It Do?

The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC uses 3 AAA batteries to power 15 LED lights that can be seen up to 5,000 ft away and is programmed with 9 different flashing modes for optimal visibility and safety.


The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC is so durable that a truck can run over it, yet light enough that it can actually float in water.

Plus it has a magnetic base so you can even place it directly to the side of your car if needed.

What Makes The Roadside Safety Disc The Best Safety Light Out There?

Owning the Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC is like having your own flashing billboard —  letting distracted drivers know that you and your family are there!

- 15 LED lights per safety disc
- Can be seen up to 5,000 ft away
- Lightweight and compact- can fit in your glovebox
- 9 flashing light modes
- Easy “one-click” off and on
- Over 1,000 hours of lamp life
- Waterproof (can even float in water)
- Durable (tough enough to be run over by a truck)
- Magnetic base (handy for placing on the back of your car for optimal visibility)
- Only takes 3 AAA batteries

Who Is The Roadside Safety Disc For?

The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC is perfect for...

- Family road trips
- Truckers
- RV’s /trailers
- Rural highways with little to no light
- Low visibility conditions
- Signaling for help/assistance
- Any licensed driver
- Early Christmas shoppers that love finding great “stocking-stuffer” deals

Where Can You Purchase The Roadside Safety Disc From 1TAC?

1TAC Roadside Safety Disc is available in select store locations around the United States. However, many readers are finding it easier to order online at the 1TAC official store here.


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Attention: Due to the global pandemic, the upcoming election, and the holidays, shipping will become extremely difficult in the coming weeks.

This means as we get even closer to the holidays, it’s going to put even more of a strain on The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC supply and delivery times, most likely the worst it has ever been in history...

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Covered By A 100% Guarantee!

You can test-run the Roadside Safety Disc for a full 30 days completely risk-free. If you don’t like it, or you are not 110% satisfied with it for any reason, then you can return your order for a full refund, no questions asked.

1Tac knows the likelihood of that happening is very low. That’s because 1Tac has spent $100s of thousands of dollars in product and development, design, and technology, as well as invested countless hours in testing to make sure every Roadside Safety Disc works right out of the box.

What Do Others Say About The Roadside Safety Disc?

Will You Be Prepared For Your Next Family Road Trip?

Make sure you are prepared for any emergency situation with the Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC.

The Roadside Safety Disc will protect you and your family from distracted drivers or low visibility situations that could lead to tragedy on the highway.

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Reader Beware— Not All Roadside Safety Lights Are Created Equal

Many readers are quick to jump to Amazon to find a “better deal.” However, the problem many customers run into with Amazon sellers is you don’t know who you’re getting the product from... 

Which begs the question: will the seller be true to their word and return your money if something goes wrong with your order?
But why take the risk... and spend hours researching the “seller”? You can order the original Roadside Safety Disc from a certified, trusted, and secure website right here »